Tea Master Tour

Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea

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Pinling, New Taipei City 8:50-17:30 1 Day

Tea Master Tour- Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea

Formosa Blue Magpie, a species of bird endemic to Taiwan. Blue Magpie, this symbol represent richness and diversity of environment in Pinglin. First,Taiwan Blue Magpie Tea will teach you how to make tea in an origial way.Truely dig into tea farmer's daily life, getting hands-on experience of tea-making. Second,take you to wonderful nature along shinny river and tea mountains.Guide you how they put effort to promote sustainable development in Pinglin area. At the end, savour more tea brew from tea master, bringing your hand-making tea back hometo taste the unique flavor!


How tea farmers protect the environment in Pinglin

Join a tea ceremony performs tea master’s peaceful duties, the timing and the grace of his every move, from setting out of the cups, to sifting of the green leaves, was beauty itself. Blue Magpie Tea eagerly to convince farmer to grow our land without chemicals, in order to protect the river nearby. Learning tea knowledge in this eco-farm, a day with Taiwanese tea master.

Join tea farmer's banquet with us

Head to Pinglin farmer’s house for local feast. Nothing fancy but Taiwanese traditional food prepared by tea farmers. In some dishes you might discover some of the cuisine add tea flavor inside. Eat slowly and feel how sincere the farmers cook the delicacies for travellers. At the end of the meal, don’t forget to have a cup of great tea from Pinglin!

Pan-fried tea leaves in a traditional way, feel the heat!

With tea master, you will get a chance to fried tea in a traditional way – roasted tea in an iron pan on high heat. Gently stir the tea leaves, delicate fragrance permeates the air. Finds out every step of making tea is harder than you think. And do the Pan-Fired Tea yourself to feel the heat!

Enjoy a tea ceremony beside stunning river

Hidden historical road attacts adventurous travellers to explore. Walk along the river and the bridge, let tea farmers introduce his hometown to you, back to old days in Pinglin, and relish the moments of pure nature. Take a closer look at the beautiful clear river, rocks have unusual shape and craved by nature, Let the wild nature ease your mind and boost your energy again!

About Blue Magpie Tea

Blue Magpie Tea is happiness to grow with our land without artificial additives and chemicals but only the nutrition from the nature.We dedicate to preserve tea culture and build up the first tea eco-village in Taiwan. All the tea products are made by local tea farmers with exclusive skills.Through the practical and strategic cooperation with producers and consumers, we believe that humans could coexist with nature peacefully one day in the future.

Teamountains Giveaway

After tea mountains trip,fill out our survey and bring the seasonal tea back home.

About Itinerary


  • Time: 8:50 am-16:30 am
  • Place: Pinling, New Taipei City
  • Private air-con car + Local Lunch from Tea Farmers + Tea Village Tour & Tea Tasting + Pinling Historical Trail Guided Tour + Special Souvenir + Insurance

Date of Avaibility

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    Email: wowtaiwan.travel@gmail.com Phone: 02-8668-9775


  • A set of Lunch with on-season ingredients
  • Tea master local Guide 
  • All materials for tea tasting
  • NT $2 million of Travel insurance
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Pick-up and drop-off service from main station to the destination


  • Gratuities (optional)
  1. Above plan and departure time is subject to change by Wow-TAIWAN Travel pending on actual occupations, weather condition and traffic.
  2. Confirmation will be received in 1 day of booking
  3. The tour requires minimum 18 person to start the tour, Wow-TAIWAN will give the option of an alternative date or full refund if cancelled.
  • Cancellation Policy and Others
  • After the registration fee to cancel the provisions: (according to the domestic tourism stereotypes of the provisions of Article XIII):
    1. Before the start of the tour before the forty-first day to terminate the contract, compensation for travel expenses by 5%.
    2. 10% to 10 days before the start of the tour to terminate the contract, compensation for travel costs 10%.
    3. Twenty-one days before the start of the tour to cancel the contract, compensation for travel costs 20%.
    4. Before the start of the tour, the person who lifts the contract within the second day to the twentieth day will pay 30% of the travel expenses.
    5. The day before the commencement of travel, the contractor is liable to pay 50% of the travel expenses.
    6. Travel start or start after the termination of the contract or not notify not participants, compensation for travel expenses by 100%.
    7. Other matters are governed by the “Domestic Tourism Shaping Contract”.
  • The notice day is based on the normal working hours (09: 00-18: 00) announced by the personnel administration office, and the time is more than the following working days.
  • Items included in this program fee will not be refunded if there is no user.
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  • This trip is as close as possible to the original itinerary. If there are special conditions such as traffic congestion, sightseeing leave and other irresistible phenomena, the trip will change with the sightseeing time. The company reserves the right to change itinerary, but it is absolutely the most smooth itinerary.
  • In the event of poor weather or irresistible factors, the Company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary.
  • In case of typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains and other natural irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to postpone or full refund.
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