Sunrise Tour

First sunlight in Teamountains

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Pinglin, New Taipei City 4:00-9:00 HALF Day

Sunrise Tour - First sunlight in Teamountains

Take a fascinating sunrise tour with us to witness the daybreak view of orange and red-colored dawn set amidst the clouds in the tea mountain and enjoying the local breakfast by the tea planet. After having breakfast, you will discover the process of producing tea and indulge yourself in the tea world. Tasting different kinds of tea with our tea master. Surrounded by this fascinating mountain in Pinglin. Be ready to devote yourself entirely to relax atmosphere in tea village.


Sunlight through the thin clouds, shining the ground

Clouds catch the red-orange rays of the rising sun, the first light of the sunrise like a movie scenes, and reflect this light to the ground. Hypnotically watch the flaming sunrise turn the unending vastness a radiant gold. When light travels through the atmosphere, it comes into contact with materials that absorb, scatter, and reflect parts of the spectrum. For the this beyond-belief minutes, the only sound are the chirping of birds and the buzzing insects.

The first sunlight of Pinglin

 The golden shining sun started rising from the tea mountains. It filled the sky with mighty colors of red and splashed the clouds with endless rays of pink. It was bright and mesmerizing as it inviting you to stare, deep into the horizon. The science behind the show is just as impressive.

Awesome Local breakfast served in Pinglin

 steamed buns with selective flavor, tea oil noodles, vegetable pickles, and of course, a pot of warm tea. Here are more abundance of delicious food in tea mountains. Trying some local food is the best part about travel, not to speak enjoy all this with incredible sunrise view.

Discover the beauty of the tea with tea master

Tea is a main social drink in Pinglin, and you’re constantly offered a cup in friendship. Sit down and enjoy steaming honey flavor hot tea, cooked in a charred brass kettle over a rudimentary fire pit. Tea means peace, spiritual enlightenment. The moment you sip hot tea, you feel satisfied and all of your stress is relieved. When you travel Taiwan, do visit Pinglin, it definitely is your cup of tea.

Teamountains Giveaway

After tea mountains trip,fill out our survey and bring the seasonal tea back home.

About Itinerary


  • Time: 4:00 am-9:00 am
  • Place: Pinling, New Taipei City
  • Private air-con car + Seasoning Local Breakfast + Tea Village Tour & Tea Tasting + Special Souvenir + Insurance

Date of Avaibility

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  • Round way transportation by air-conditioned car
  • Delicious breakfast set
  • English-speaking guide
  • Local tea master guidance
  • All materials for tea tasting


  • Gratuities (optional)
  1. Above plan and departure time is subject to change by Wow-TAIWAN Travel pending on actual occupations, weather condition and traffic.
  2. Confirmation will be received in 1 day of booking
  3. The tour requires minimum 30 person to start the tour, Wow-TAIWAN will give the option of an alternative date or full refund if cancelled.
  • Cancellation Policy and Others
  • After the registration fee to cancel the provisions: (according to the domestic tourism stereotypes of the provisions of Article XIII):
    1. Before the start of the tour before the forty-first day to terminate the contract, compensation for travel expenses by 5%.
    2. 10% to 10 days before the start of the tour to terminate the contract, compensation for travel costs 10%.
    3. Twenty-one days before the start of the tour to cancel the contract, compensation for travel costs 20%.
    4. Before the start of the tour, the person who lifts the contract within the second day to the twentieth day will pay 30% of the travel expenses.
    5. The day before the commencement of travel, the contractor is liable to pay 50% of the travel expenses.
    6. Travel start or start after the termination of the contract or not notify not participants, compensation for travel expenses by 100%.
    7. Other matters are governed by the “Domestic Tourism Shaping Contract”.
  • The notice day is based on the normal working hours (09: 00-18: 00) announced by the personnel administration office, and the time is more than the following working days.
  • Items included in this program fee will not be refunded if there is no user.
  • Before ordering the product on this website, please be sure to read the ordering instructions and related conventions of the product. If the ordering party is not the passenger, the purchaser will be in the status of the agent, that is, the obligation to fully inform the passengers of their own travel orders and restrictions on the agreement, after the consent of the legal effect and the passengers themselves, the company does not accept after the passengers I do not know or do not understand and other reasons as a defense.
  • This trip is as close as possible to the original itinerary. If there are special conditions such as traffic congestion, sightseeing leave and other irresistible phenomena, the trip will change with the sightseeing time. The company reserves the right to change itinerary, but it is absolutely the most smooth itinerary.
  • In the event of poor weather or irresistible factors, the Company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary.
  • In case of typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains and other natural irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to postpone or full refund.
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