Sunrise Concert around Teamountians

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Pinglin, New Taipei City 4am - 9am HALF Day

Sunrise Concert around Teamountians

Clound sea around the mountains, sun appears over the horizon in the morning.A live music performace are playing here for you by this breathtaking view.Feel the tea aroma, take a sip of different character of tea.Engage your senses and inmmerse yourself in traditional Taiwanese tea tour.When you're in mood in something different, our Sunrise Music Concert in Pinglin will be a unforgettable experience that might just become one of your favourites trip in Taiwan.


Sunlight through the thin clouds, shining the ground

Experience the gorgeous sunrise amid the cloud sea at the top of tea mountain.Nanshan Temple is the highest spot in this district, look around the surroundings covered with golden light while sun walk on the mountain roads touching the sky. Just an hour away from Taipei, you can easily get to Pinglin to picture this extrodinary sunrise scence.

The first sunlight of Pinglin

Enjoy Taiwanese feast with astonshing view in Pinglin. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, local Pinglin breakfast including, freshly made steam-bun, tea oil rice noodles, tofu made from the locals and picled vegetable from farmers. Drink one more cup of honey-flavoured black tea, warm not only your body but your heart. Let Gentle wind fan on your face, keep searching more Pinglin’s beauty after breakfast.

The most perfect blend of nature sound and relaxing music

Greet the first light of the day with Musical concert on Teamountains.Let the mood of music reach you, coming through the tunes that free our minds, take you to the tea village where music concern is performing right now.Spent this early morning with us, seeking this wonderful moment of sun rises. Move your body with music flow under the light of sun.Wild nature is calling you from Pinglin.

Discover the beauty of the tea with tea master

Taste steaming warm tea made from tea master, found yourself surrounded by Tea village.Travelled with us in Taiwan to turn the spotlight on to a gorgeous tea. Pinglin guided tours will lintroduce you tea culture and get to see how tea is made by tea master. Tea is a lifestyle, way of living, also a philosopy. Drink in the spiritual essence of this magnificent tea village and you will return home with no regrets.

Teamountains Giveaway

After tea mountains trip,fill out our survey and bring the seasonal tea back home.

About Itinerary (including car)


  • Time: 4:00 am-9:00 am
  • Place: Pinglin, New Taipei City
  • Private air-con car + Seasoning Local Breakfast + Tea Village Tour & Tea Tasting + Tea Mountains Concert + Special Souvenir + Insurance

About Itinerary (excluding car)


  • Time: 4 am-8 am
  • Place: Pinglin, New Taipei City
  • Private air-con car + Seasoning Local Breakfast + Tea Village Tour & Tea Tasting + Tea Mountains Concert + Special Souvenir + Insurance

Date of Avaibility

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  • Round way transportation by air-conditioned car
  • Delicious breakfast set
  • English-speaking guide
  • Local tea master guidance
  • All materials for tea tasting


  • Gratuities (optional)
  1. Above plan and departure time is subject to change by Wow-TAIWAN Travel pending on actual occupations, weather condition and traffic.
  2. Confirmation will be received in 1 day of booking
  3. The tour requires minimum 30 person to start the tour, Wow-TAIWAN will give the option of an alternative date or full refund if cancelled.
  • Cancellation Policy and Others
  • After the registration fee to cancel the provisions: (according to the domestic tourism stereotypes of the provisions of Article XIII):
    1. Before the start of the tour before the forty-first day to terminate the contract, compensation for travel expenses by 5%.
    2. 10% to 10 days before the start of the tour to terminate the contract, compensation for travel costs 10%.
    3. Twenty-one days before the start of the tour to cancel the contract, compensation for travel costs 20%.
    4. Before the start of the tour, the person who lifts the contract within the second day to the twentieth day will pay 30% of the travel expenses.
    5. The day before the commencement of travel, the contractor is liable to pay 50% of the travel expenses.
    6. Travel start or start after the termination of the contract or not notify not participants, compensation for travel expenses by 100%.
    7. Other matters are governed by the “Domestic Tourism Shaping Contract”.
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  • This trip is as close as possible to the original itinerary. If there are special conditions such as traffic congestion, sightseeing leave and other irresistible phenomena, the trip will change with the sightseeing time. The company reserves the right to change itinerary, but it is absolutely the most smooth itinerary.
  • In the event of poor weather or irresistible factors, the Company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary.
  • In case of typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains and other natural irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to postpone or full refund.
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