River Runs Through Teamountains

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Shihdin, New Taipei City 9:30-16:30 1 Day

River Runs Through Teamountains

Shiding, a hidden gem on the east side of Taipei. Fresh and bursting river flows through historical old town, fish swimming in the reservation river completely free and at ease. Close your eyes, captured the true sound of a cool, rushing river as it run through the rocks. Shiding has an awe-inspiring stream, bizarre rocks, handicraft work shops, and traditional tea. Come over to visit this rural area, bringing nature to your fingertips, create meaningful experience.


Follow the limpid stream in Shihding

Shiding, a simple mountain village located at the convergence of two small mountain streams. The century old village got an old time Taiwan feel to it. Two very clean, fish-filled streams that come from virgin forests high above, in the nearby mountains. Walk down to the river, put your feet into the cold stream, awakened by the senses and take you to a pleasurable space.

River protection Movement:
DIY a unique fish doll

A great day trip out of the city in the east of Taiwan. Sroll in the old street, a nice art center that’s worth a visit and some local handy crafts available in the center and in various shops around the village. Since Shiding is a water protection area, prohibited freshwater fish in the river. Come into Ha Sock handicraft store and make yourself an adorable fish doll to memorize the crystal clear river here.

Find Passionate spirit in Hsu's Noodle

This is Shiding Hsu’s Handmade Noddle Company, and these were his noddles , drying in the sun.Have a chance to pull the noodles out to make them thinner, longer, and springier.First stretch requires two people, each one pulling the rod on either side.Learn the noodle-making process by your own hand and having fun!

Nice stroll at Shihding pathway

Taiwanese ancestor travel over mountains and valleys, found this unknown treasure on east side of Taipei.Rediscovering the road our ancestor walkthrough. Follw their footsteps and savour the sun, fresh air, and green grass.The stream cuts through the sandstone bedrock like butter in Shiding, and leaves interesting rock instead.Come around this serenity of nature, feel the calmness inside your heart.

Shiding Old Street Food

Teamountains Giveaway

After tea mountains trip,fill out our survey and bring the seasonal tea back home.

About Itinerary

  • Time: 9:30 am – 16:30am
  • Place: Shihding, New Taipei City
  • Private air-con car + Hand-Made Rice Noddle Experience+ Shihding Handicraft Making + Special Souvenir + Insurance

Date of Avaibility

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Email: wowtaiwan.travel@gmail.com

Phone: 02-8668-9775


  • Round way transportation by air-conditioned car
  • Hand-made rice noddle experience
  • English-speaking guide
  • Shihding hadicraft making
  • Historical trail guided tour


  • Gratuities (optional)
  1. Above plan and departure time is subject to change by Wow-TAIWAN Travel pending on actual occupations, weather condition and traffic.
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    1. Before the start of the tour before the forty-first day to terminate the contract, compensation for travel expenses by 5%.
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    3. Twenty-one days before the start of the tour to cancel the contract, compensation for travel costs 20%.
    4. Before the start of the tour, the person who lifts the contract within the second day to the twentieth day will pay 30% of the travel expenses.
    5. The day before the commencement of travel, the contractor is liable to pay 50% of the travel expenses.
    6. Travel start or start after the termination of the contract or not notify not participants, compensation for travel expenses by 100%.
    7. Other matters are governed by the “Domestic Tourism Shaping Contract”.
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  • In the event of poor weather or irresistible factors, the Company reserves the right to cancel or change the itinerary.
  • In case of typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains and other natural irresistible factors, the company reserves the right to postpone or full refund.
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