About Teamountains

Shihding and Pinglin are the two major area of Wen Shan Bao-Chung tea in Taiwan, also the main branch of Beishi river bursting through, which brings abundance natural resources, tea culture, and the beauty of local art. Shihding and Pinglin also well-known as “Taipei’s backside garden”

Not only famous for “ Bao-Chung tea ” and “ Honey Scented Black Tea ”,

Siding also has Feitsui Reservoir that a variety of fish swimming in there.

The locals have a good balance between work and life. People who lives here keep a simple belief and a philosophy way of living. This feature attract tourists to experience tea culture, art works, religious and historic trails in Pinglin and Shihding.

But sadly, due to big city thrives on, more and more people moved out and forget this two beautiful villages.

Wow-Taiwan invites you to pay a visit in teamountains with us.

Follow the stream up to the mountains, drink a cup of great tea at tea farmer’s house. Throughout Tea trips, by slow eating and slow travel, appreciate the art of slow movement. Take your time in teamountains. Embrace nature, nature as home.

Feel the touch of the mother nature. Find out your ideal way to live, to grow,

and explore tea mountains to find out what it will bring you after.